Armoured Heart Productions

Welcome to Armoured Heart Productions. We have a goal to inspire people to believe that high quality productions do not necessarily need massively high budgets. At AHP we have a vision to lead Australian film making into a creative new direction, one that embraces originality and free thinking. A direction that will allow film makers to be encouraged to step out of the conventional framework of Australian productions and show the world that we can stand up and hold our own in any genre. We have the talent, we have the skills, no longer do we need to be stifled by cultural limitations. Now is the time to create. Now is the time lead.

First Entry

First entry of the Armoured Hearts Production page!

Today we launched TANGLED PATHS, Episode 1: A Road Less Travelled. It is being entered into the My RODE Reel 2014 international film competition. We hope to also take it to other festivals, just to get the word out there that Armoured Hearts Productions – affectionately known as AHP – is stepping up. As you can guess by the title this is the first of a series. We intend to build an online channel, dedicated to each series. We have a number of productions that we have sketched out and would love to share with the world. New digital technologies should aid this process, and we are always looking out for interested Producers and Distributors. Please contact us using the form on the side, or email us at

Sincerely Yours,

Matt Oxley & Kyle Rowling

Founders, Armoured Heart Productions